Guardians of Funk Subscription

$105.00 every 3 renewals and a $25.00 sign-up fee

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guardian of Funk. Please look over the membership benefits and details, and fill out the fields below to get started.


  • Eight members-only 375ml bottles every quarter. That’s two bottles of four different beers, every three months.

  • Club-only beer release events at our brewery, which typically include snacks and brewery tours with a member of our brew team

  • Specially designed unisex tee shirt and Teku glass.

  • Complimentary taster tray every quarter at the Little Beast Beer Garden or Tasting Room with active membership.

  • Access to our members-only online shop page, which provides:

    • Ability to purchase extra members-only bottles online.

    • Access to our vintage bottle list with a 10% discount on bottles.

    • First opportunity to purchase certain specialty releases with 10% discount.

    • 10% OFF all bottles, cans and merchandise, purchased online or at the Beer Garden with active membership.

  • Access to our members-only Facebook group.


We strive to provide you with our most unique, special creations when we determine that the beers are ready. We’ll select four small-batch, barrel-aged, or exclusive beers every quarter, specifically for this bottle club. Members receive two of each bottle, and the opportunity to purchase more if available. We reserve the right to limit extra bottles based on production yields.

Examples of previously released beers include saisons aged in French oak, cognac barrel-aged fruit sours, bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts and Belgian-style strong dark ales with cacao nibs and vanilla added. Yum.


To celebrate each new quarterly allocation, we’ll host club-only beer release events at our brewery. Members can bring a +1, and we require RSVP’s. You’ll get samples of club-only beer at the event, with the ability to purchase more exclusive beer on draft or in package, and we’ll offer attendees brewery tours.

Due to the nature of these beers, we’re not able to plan event dates far in advance. We’ll do our best to provide notice for upcoming beer release events.


Every quarter, we’ll announce the upcoming beer releases via email and you’ll have 90 days to pick up your beer. Through our members-only online shop, you’ll also be able to order more members-only or vintage beers! We’ll box up all your orders and you’ll have a few options for pick up:

  1. Pick up your beer during the quarterly beer release event at our brewery tasting room. We’ll have your box ready for you.

  2. Come by our brewery tasting room in lovely Clackamas (15-20 min from Portland) when it is open to the public. You won’t need an RSVP or special time. Your beers live at the brewery so you can come anytime we are open.

  3. Schedule a pick up for yourself, or a proxy, at the beer garden in Portland:

    • Pickups are scheduled once per quarter at our Beer Garden in Portland. You can pick up, or you have the ability to assign a proxy. Your proxy must be 21 years of age or older with valid ID. Any beer not picked up on that day is returned to our brewery.

  4. If you live in Oregon, we can ship the beer to you.

    • After you pay shipping and handling, we’re happy to send your allocation and additional orders to an address where someone over the age of 21 can provide ID and sign for the package.


  • You can cancel at any time, but we’re not able to refund your membership payment or your purchases once charged.

  • To cancel your membership, simply change your membership settings in our members only shop page.

  • As a member, you agree not to resell our beer. If beer is resold, we reserve the right to end your membership without refund.

  • Memberships are only available to folks 21 years of age or older.


  • $105 per quarter, plus a $25 one-time fee the first time you sign up.

    • Your membership auto-renews every three months. on: September 01, December 01, March 01, and June 01. Your card will be charged automatically until you cancel.

    • You will never have to pay the $25 sign up fee again, even if you cancel your membership and join again later.

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